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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

Hey everyone, on Monday I will be losing Bryball, and moving to a new blog, entitled Wait Til' Next Year. It will be a unique blog, as it will solely analyze the future. Article examples:

- How transactions effect the future
- Minor League Reports
- What will happen for players/teams this offseason

I'm really excited, and I hope you all will check it out. The link is

Until Monday, if you have time read Jayson Stark's newest column on ESPN, do it. Its a great article, containing everything on who has passed through waivers, to scouts take on prospects, to Pete Rose. Also, go buy the newest addition of Baseball America. I have a subscription to the magazine, but if I didn't I would undoubtedly buy the Tools addition and top 100 prospects magazine every year. So go buy one.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003  

I've been bad about posts lately, but for good reason. I'm working on huge changes for the blog, and its occupying some time. That, and a crazy moving market...

Here's some thoughts:

- Mark Prior looked great on Tuesday. His line:
6IP 2H 0ER 1BB 6K 79pitches
Couldn't get anymore perfect. Baker kept his pitch count way down, and Prior took care in his home city. The fact that Bobby Hill is injured when the Cubs need him most is a problem, and its now Ramon Martinez's turn to step up. He did in a big way Tuesday, knocking in the Cubs first run.

- No, the White Sox aren't playing great ball still, so Tuesday's win was all the more important. The team has to beat the Royals one-on-one, because the upcoming schedule is tough. Oakland comes to town after Kansas City, and it won't be long until the Yankees trot into town. The team has toyed with going to a four-man rotation, and they must do it now. Esteban Loaiza is the only pitcher who may not be able to handle it, so he could maybe get an extra day off every other start. Throwing Danny Wright into the mix one out of every nine games is better than one in five.

And, I've had an inkling that Danny Wright would make a good reliever for awhile. His control is a little off, but no one questions the quality of his knuckle curve. A look at some stats:

Inning 1: .241/.348/.406
Pitches 1-15: .223/.322/.438

And I rest my case. Yes, he falls apart after that, but that's just the kind of pitcher he is.

- Rich Harden is a god. Peter Gammons wrote about the ability Mulder, Harden, and Hudson have to change speeds, and its amazing. Harden really completes this rotation, and they could be the best playoff team out there...if they make it.

- Colby Lewis is not going to be the pitcher everyone thought he would. I don't care how good his stuff is, he's a very bad pitcher.

109 hits in 77.2IP
54K vs. 51BB

It's time to give up Texas.

- I'll have the news on the website changes over the weekend...

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Sunday, August 03, 2003  

I'm working on the 2004 version of the deadline deals, and how they effect next year's version of teams. Today, a work on the Fish.

The Marlins are 10-2 in their last twelve games, against such talents as Montreal, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, and Houston. They are two games behind Philly in the Wild Card, and have to be considered on of the favorites. Why?

Dontrelle Willis: 2-1 2.94 29H/33.2IP 31K/12BB
Brad Penny: 3-2 2.83 26H/35IP 24K/6BB
Mark Redman: 3-1 3.18 28H/34IP 23K/11BB
Carl Pavano: 1-1 3.38 24H/26.2IP 15K/12BB
Josh Beckett: 3-1 2.42 28H/26IP 30K/10BB

The July numbers of the Marlins pitching staff. That is a very impressive group, and barring injury, and battles with Philly and Arizona in the NL rotations. Dontrelle Willis has taken the NL by storm, and is already the ace. Mark Redman has become one of the best strikeout lefties in the league, and eats a lot of innings. Brad Penny and Josh Beckett are young right-handers that can strike out any player, any time. And Carl Pavano is the inning-eater solid rightie that a fifth starter should be.

Juan Pierre is the type of player Jack McKeon needs. With 41 walks and 26 strikeouts, Juan Pierre is quietly becoming Kenny Lofton. He doesn't strikeout, walks a little, and runs a ton. He stole 14 bases last month, which would come out to be 84 in a full season.

Mike Lowell and Miguel Cabrera in July became the type of corner, middle of the lineup, power hitter this team needs. Derrek Lee has struggled with a hand injury, but still is showing top-notch power. Add in a very capable Alex Gonzalez and Juan Encarnacion, and this is a good lineup.

Pudge Rodriguez is coming around, just finishing a month with a 1.100+ OPS in July. He is a tremendous catcher and has been a wonderful worker with the pitching staff. No one would have believed that this team could succeed without A.J. Burnett. But they are.

The series the rest of the season:


That Atlanta, Philly home-away will decide the Wild Card. This team is very good, but I don't think they're Wild Card caliber. Expect them to miss out on the Card by about four games.

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